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William Marks

Killed in a Rock Quarry. William Marks, a well known quarryman and contractor in the Boise stone quarries, met his death in the Jellison quarries east of the penitentiary yesterday afternoon, beneath a two-ton rock which toppled over upon him before he could escape. He lived for about an hour after the accident, which occurred shortly before 6 o'clock. Marks was a single man, about 45 years of age, and had been in Boise for a number of years, working about the stone quarries. He was a German by nationality and so far as known had no relatives in this country. At the time of his death he was working on a contract with Olof E. Newman to get out the stone for the new Overland block.

Idaho Daily Statesman, February 7, 1905.

Marks Funeral - The funeral of William Marks, who was killed in an accident at the Jellison stone quarry on Tuesday evening, will take place from Schrieber & Brennan's undertaking parlors this afternoon at 2 o'clock.

Idaho Daily Statesman, February 9, 1905.

William Marks - The funeral services of the late William marks, who was killed in an accident at Jellison's stone quarry Tuesday, were held at Schreiber & Brennan's undertaking parlors at 2 o'clock Thursday afternoon. Dean Hinks officiating. There services were well attended. Interment was in Morris Hill.

Idaho Daily Statesman, February 10, 1905.

W. Cyrus Marshall

Sudden death of Boise Man. W. Cyrus Marshall, the contractor, died yesterday afternoon at 1:10 at his residence, 116 N. 14th St, after a brief illness. Intestinal obstruction is assigned as the immediate cause of death by the attending physicians, Drs. Stewart, Haley and Lewis. Arrangements for the funeral will not be announced until word is received from Mrs. Jayne of Portland, a sister of Mrs. Marshall, Ross Miner, a brother of Mrs. Marshall, wired Mrs. Jayne during the afternoon. He said it was probable the funeral would be held tomorrow afternoon. Mr. Marshall is survived by his wife and son, Walter. His brother, George Marshall, also resides here. His parents have been dead for some time.

Idaho Statesman, February 5, 1905.
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The funeral services of the late W. C. Marshall, who died suddenly Saturday afternoon, will be held this afternoon at 2 o'clock at the family residence at 116 North Fourteenth St. Dr. W. W. Van Dusen will officiate. The remains will be laid to rest in the Odd Fellows cemetery. The remains may be viewed by friends between 10 and 12 o'clock this morning at the residence.

Idaho Statesman, February 6, 1905

Owen Martin

Obituary of Owen Martin. Distressing accident - On Wednesday afternoon an accident occurred in the hydraulic claims of Christie & Co, at the point of Gold Hill, a short distance above the mouth of Bear Run, in the upper end of town, resulting in the death of Owen Martin, a native of East Toledo, Ohio, aged about 30 years. Mr. Martin was engaged in the ground sluice breaking the lumps as they traveled in from the hydraulic. They were piping at the time on a face some thirty feet high, containing so huge a proportion of stiff clay that it hung together at the top and was stubborn about caving until the pipeman had cut it under considerably, when it gave way at the top and swung over instead of crumbling _________ (as it was?) expected to do, terribly mangling and mashing the deceased, breaking his neck, back and legs, killing him instantly, and very nearly stiking another man who was working with him, but who discovered the cave in time to escape. The remains of the deceased were buried yesterday in the Buena Vista cemetery, by friends who have known him at Forest City, California, and who speak of him as a very exemplary citizen, of good habits, and ambiable disposition.

Idaho Statesman, August 2, 1864.

Alexander O. Miller

MILLER - (Headlines) Alexander O. Miller of Boise passes away at camp near Idaho City. One of the earliest residents of Boise. Complains of slight indisposition and death comes within a few moments. Left Boise last Thursday for an outting on Rabbit Creek, above Idaho City, with Charles Lillian - was apparently in his usual good health - was 82 years of age and it is believed had overtaxed his strength - Henry Blanchard goes to bring remains to Boise. (Article) Alexander O. Miller, one of the pioneer residents of this state and city, died suddenly about 2 o'clock Saturday afternoon at his camp on Rabbit creek, about 12 miles above Idaho City, where he and a companion, Charles Lillian of Boise, were camping and hunting. The circumstances of his death were such as to warrant an investigation, and the coroner of Boise county left Idaho City yesterday afternoon for the scene of the old man's death. (Last paragraph) Mr. Miller leaves a widow living in the family home at 911 Borah street in this city, and three stepchildren - Mrs. J. A. Masterson of Elgin, Ore, Edward C. Blanchard of Summit Flat, in the Idaho basin, and Henry Blanchard of Boise. A brother resides in Los Angeles, Cal, and a sister in Missouri. (Burial in Morris Hill Cemetery - 19 July 1905 issue)

Idaho Daily Statesman, July 17, 1905.

Elizabeth McAfee

Mrs. Elizabeth McAfee, wife of Rober McAfee. died at St. Alphonsus hospital yesterday morning at 2 o'clock of cancer. Mrs. McAfee was born in Dayton, Ohio in 1851. She was married to Mr. McAfee in 1870 and in 1885 they came to Boise with their children, where they have resided ever since. Mrs. McAfee has been a great sufferer for several years but so great was her courage and cheefulness that few realized how serious her condition was until recently, when she was confined to her bed. The funeral will occur today at 2 o'clock from the family residence, 106 Jefferson street. Dr. McKinley will officiate and the interment will be in the Masonic cemetery. Mrs. McAfee leaves behind to mourn her her husband, Robert McAfee, Jr. of Boise, Forest McAfee of Tonopah, Nev, and Mrs. E. E. Naylor of Delaware, Ohio. Mrs. Naylor arrived in the city a few days ago, in time to see her mother before her death.

Idaho Daily Statesman, December 24, 1905

Violet McClure

Death of Violet McClure. After several weeks of intense suffering during which the little form gradually became more frail and the strength necessary to combat the ailment slowly depleted, Violet McClure passed away at 6:30 Wednesday morning. Violet Idaho, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McClure was ages 11 years, 8 months, and 20 days, and was born in Ada county, Idaho, June 27, 1905, and died March 7, 1917. The funeral will be held today at 2 pm at the Methodist church in Meridian, and burial will be in the Meridian cemetery. Violet was a very attractive little girl, and was especially popular with the scholars of the fifth grade of the public school, and her classmates will all be present at the funeral. She was strong and active until a few months ago, when she began to feel the coming of the ailment which the doctors diagnosed as cerebe spinal meningitis. She has been critically ill for several weeks and no hope has been entertained for her recovery. The family are receiving the heartfelt sympathy of the community.

Meridian Times (Meridian, Idaho), March 9, 1917.

William McConnel

Obituary of William McConnel. The funeral of William McConnel was held yesterday evening at the residence of his son, C.S. McConnel. The services were conducted by Rev. R. P. Hammons.

Idaho Statesman, July 1, 1897.

Edward Nantz

The funeral of the late Edward Nantz, who died in this city on January 21 was held Friday afternoon from Schrieber & Brennan's undertaking parlors. Adjutant Wolfe of the Salvation Army conducted the services. The remains were interred in Morris Hill cemetery.

Idaho Daily Statesman, February 4, 1905.


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